Case Studies

Lawn Tennis Association
Engaging young people in the game
LTA Strategic Plan for 2015-2018

Lawn Tennis Association: Engaging young people in the game

As part of their overall mission, the LTA wants to grow the game of tennis. In 2014 they put their focus on young people – Juniors aged 5-18yrs – to better understand how to engage them in the game and their world of competitions.

Given the project scope and the breadth of stakeholders involved, we took a wide-angled approach…we interacted with young people through online communities as well as face to face. We spent time with them ‘at home’ and we heard the coach and club perspectives.  We shadowed both parents and juniors on competition days, understanding what it was like to be in their shoes. What this gave us, and what was subsequently shared with the LTA team, was a holistic view of the pressures and priorities for young people generally and within sport; where tennis fitted in and the behavioural dynamics around engagement; and how specifically the tennis ‘system’ was working for them (or not).

Ultimately, it showed that the current competitions model worked for some but not all and there was a clear need to rebalance strategies in favour of recreational tennis for young people. This directly informed their strategic direction and our recommendations have been integrated into the LTA Strategic Plan 2015-2018.

Tesco Healthier Checkouts
Removing confectionery from checkouts forever

Tesco Healthier Checkouts: Removing confectionery from checkouts forever

Tesco has been leading the campaign to rid checkouts of confectionery and were committed to removing it by the end of 2014. Whilst they knew customers supported the concept in theory, it was less clear how it would impact in reality. We instigated an extensive trial across all store formats to gauge the impact of removing confectionery and critically to identify credible contenders to take its place.

This involved in-store observation and intercepts as well as pre-recruited sessions. Fed back at board level, the research provided a customer-lead template for checkouts which was subsequently rolled out across the estate.

Bauer Media
Creative and strategic development
2014 ‘Car’ relaunch - improved market share

Bauer Media: Creative and strategic development

Magazine publishers Bauer have been working hard to curb the readership declines of some of their titles, particularly their hobbyist titles which have been impacted heavily by online content.

Over the years, we’ve worked with Bauer on publications from ‘Practical Photography’ to ‘Your Horse’ to ‘Garden News’. Our most recent project, on ‘Car’ magazine, saw us collaborate closely with both the editorial team and with existing and potential readers. We needed to ensure the publication retained its core values at the same time as widening its appeal.

We got the balance right - since ‘Car’ magazine’s re-launch it has consolidated its readership, increased engagement and gained market share.

Tesco Dotcom
Enhancing customer delivery
Shaping Dotcom service training for 19,000 colleagues

Tesco Dotcom: Enhancing customer delivery

We work with Tesco on many projects: ad hoc, category-driven, upstream & strategic.

In a recent project, they asked us to explore the role & importance of Grocery Home Delivery Drivers to the customer experience, given that the drivers are often these customers’ main contact with the brand.

To do this we looked at compleate delivery journeys from both the Tesco & customer side: we followed a number of deliveries from when they were picked in-store, accompanied & chatted with the delivery drivers during their shifts, and also interviewed customers that they were delivering to that day, both before & after the delivery.

This meant we got a much better sense of the customer & driver experience, as well as operational factors that help or impact a good experience. It kept everything as natural & close to reality as possible whilst minimising post-rationalised responses. Finally, we brought everything to life for our clients by making a mini-documentary film of these deliveries, that showed the drivers’ and customers’ experience & feedback.

The findings from this project have shaped Dotcom service training for 19,000 colleagues