Our Work

To think like your customer you need to understand the ‘Stuff of life’. Whatever size, shape or aim of a business, it’s this context that our clients’ products or services have to sit within.

Clients need to understand their customers’ worlds to make their business uniquely relevant and desirable. They need to know what drives their customers; their aspirations and ambitions, their problems and their challenges – and how all this shapes consumer behaviour.

We respect and value established qualitative research for its ability to keep things real. Some projects require additional techniques, and we know when and how to supercharge our research.

So how do we supercharge a project? From neuroscience and sensory measurement practices - that add quantitative substance to a qual narrative - to borrowing from more established fields such as psychology, ethnography or semiotics. We also have an in-house creative team whose sole goal is to visualize our findings.

Develop an intuitive relationship

Touchy feely? It can be something that not everyone feels uncomfortable with. But it’s so necessary. Without getting personal and without a human connection, business success or sustainability will become ever more difficult. We’re in an era of complex brand and channel engagement, where the rapids of technology are taking us into the unknown, and where a personal connection matters more than ever.

Our belief is that if we can help you see the world through their eyes and feel what it’s like to be them, we’re a good way there. With honed customer instinct, our clients can anticipate their customer needs far better, they can innovate with greater confidence and can shape strategies with better judgment.

Understand what's important

It’s about spotting the gold. This is where our customer experience comes in; we understand how households work, what people aspire to and, crucially, the complex world of their emotions and decision-making. We take their reality and filter it. We judge how ‘truthful’ it is, and identify what it is our clients need to know.

Know the way forward

Our next steps are always clear, always simple and are powerfully communicated.

Making the connection between our customer stories and our clients’ commercial reality is where our value lies.
There are three ways we achieve this:

  1. Getting as close to our client’s business as we do to their customers. This gives us a clearer understanding of their operational model and their business culture, ensuring our findings are both precise and appropriate.
  2. Knowing the project in the context of their broader strategic vision. There’s no point starting a revolution if that’s not the overall objective!
  3. Grasping the practicalities. We trade off the benefit of following the customer to the letter against the cost of the changes needed to do this.